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Growing up on a small dairy farm outside of the renowned giant Canada goose hunting area of Rochester, Minnesota, Scott Threinen (Owner/Molt Gear Inc) became intrigued by the sounds produced by the big birds in the family fields each morning.  Watching, and listening is what started the love of waterfowl hunting for Scott nearly 27 years ago.

After years of hunting with a flute style goose call, Scott switched over to the short reed goose call in the early 1990s to better replicate the sounds he heard.  After countless hours and what seemed like endless frustration spent in the garage at night teaching himself, it all started to click as he would eventually become a Three Time World Live Goose Calling Champion.

The self taught hardship was something that stuck with Scott as he introduced the Bad Grammar instructional calling series.

30 hours of live audio so you learn from the bird itself.

First Three time world live champion.

"The NEW Bad Grammar Academy is perfect for todays hunter and the lifestyles we live, it's a busy world so we have made it easy to practice on your time, whenever that may be."

"The frustration of learning how to blow a short reed goose call was something that stuck with me, it's something no hunter should go through on their own."

-Resides in Rochester, Minnesota with his wife and one son.


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